Thursday, August 27, 2009

Catching Up

So much has been happening for Heretic Opera since I last posted here! This blog began as a way to give an inside look at a start-up performing arts company (something I thought might be helpful for other arts entrepreneurs), but my time flies so fast that a lot of significant experiences and events go undocumented. We recently had our Launch Party, which was very fun - thank you to Kim, Alex, and Kirsten for all of your hard work! (Party pics can be found on our Facebook page.)

Even more importantly, we've hired our first Composer-in-Remote-Residence, Kenneth Froelich. Kenneth initially approached us about his vision for an original opera focusing on the 1940's secession movement, the State of Jefferson (which we'll be producing in 2013). When he applied for the Valentine project as well, I was surprised by how well he fit our very ambitious list of desired composer attributes. We're very excited to welcome him to Heretic Opera, and we can't wait to produce his work on Valentine in 2011! You can check him out at, and he'll be an occasional contributor to this blog as well.

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